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W R A P P E D  I N  M Y S T E R Y


performed, arranged and produced by Eddy F. Mueller, 2013
online re-release
on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Ginkgo Garden


01. Wrapped in Mystery
02. Alone in the Dark
03. Miracle Tree Dance
04. Terra Arcanum - Part 1
05. Soaring Through Dreams
06. Lung Ching Scent
07. Gliding Eastbound
08. China Sky
09. Trade Winds in the Sails
10. Enchanted Lotus Garden
11. Swayed by a Dream
12. Wayfaring Man
13. Wings of the Morning
14. Secret Call (piano version)
15. Terra Arcanum - Part 2

all songs written by F.W. Mueller-Key


BSC/PRUDENCE, 398.6945.4, Re-release, 2024

  银杏の庭    謎に包まれて 2024

review of the trade press (May 2024)



Eddy F. Mueller: keyboards, piano, rhythm- and slide guitars, computer programming
Christian Tolle: lead guitars on track # 01, # 09 and # 12
Peter Fischer:
lead guitar on track # 05

Published by Bogdan Metal Edition / BMG

Produced by Eddy F. Mueller
Recorded at BIRDY-Studio, Luedenscheid, Germany, 2008 - 2013
Mastered at Eroc’s Mastering Ranch, Breckerfeld, Germany, 2013

Cover painting: “Licht-5” by Atsuko Kato, Japan



30 Jahre Eddy F. Muellers GINKGO GARDEN. Dieses Jubiläum wird mit der Neuveröffentlichung des Erfolg-Albums „Wrapped in Mystery“ gefeiert.
15 GINKGO GARDEN-Titel, eingehüllt in einem geheimnisvollen Klanggewand, bilden eine Art Almanach GINKGO GARDENs Musikwerk.

GINKGO GARDEN „Wrapped In Mystery“, Eddy F. Muellers klangvoller Garten exotischer Instrumente, mystischer Mönchschöre, emphatischer Heavymetal-Gitarren, energetischer Synthesizer-Soli, aber auch vertrauter Akkordeon- und Klaviertonfolgen im typischen GINKGO GARDEN-Stil, trägt den Hörer in die außergewöhnliche und geheimnisvoll-musikalische Welt von GINKGO GARDEN.

Mit „Wrapped In Mystery“ befinden sich nun alle GINKGO GARDEN-Titel unter dem Dach der BSC Music Familie und sind endlich auch online bei allen Musik-Streaming-Diensten zu hören.



30 years of GINKGO GARDEN

30 years of Eddy F. Mueller's GINKGO GARDEN. This anniversary is celebrated with the re-release of the successful album "Wrapped in Mystery".
15 GINKGO GARDEN tracks, wrapped in a mysterious cloak of sound, form a kind of almanac of GINKGO GARDEN's musical work.

GINKGO GARDEN "Wrapped In Mystery", Eddy F. Mueller's sonorous garden of exotic musical instruments, mystical monk choirs, empathetic heavy metal guitars, energetic synthesizer solos, but also familiar accordion and piano sequences in the typical GINKGO GARDEN style, takes the listener into the extraordinary and mysterious musical world of GINKGO GARDEN.

With "Wrapped In Mystery," all GINKGO GARDEN titles are now under the roof of the BSC Music family and are finally available online on all music streaming services.


Das Ginkgo Garden-Album "Wrapped in Mystery" wurde von Sony Music / Ayurvital 2013 veröffentlicht. Die Neuveröffentlichung des Albums wird nun von BSC Music 2024 durchgeführt.




The Ginkgo Garden album "Wrapped in Mystery" was released by Sony Music / Ayurvital in 2013. The re-release of the album is now being carried out by BSC Music in 2024.




Erstveröffentlichung in 2013:
SONY MUSIC / AYURVITAL 88697 84966 2




Painting: “Licht-5” by Atsuko Kato, Japan




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